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The psychiatric dysfunctions associated to the labor estrés in professionals of the education

María de las Nieves Veloz Montano ,
María de las Nieves Veloz Montano

Centro Especializado en Servicios Educacionales. La Habana, Cuba

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Stress caused by working conditions or environments continues to be a scourge that affects workers worldwide and can affect physical and mental health, even favoring the emergence of somatic, endocrine, and psychiatric diseases. In education, especially teachers who work directly with students with school maladjustments, learning disorders, and psychiatric disorders, which require greater effort in the teaching-learning process, the long working hours and constant demands to which teachers are exposed are permanent sources of stress at work. The paper describes the psychological problems caused by work stress in the educational sector and offers preventive measures to avoid it.

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Veloz Montano M de las N. The psychiatric dysfunctions associated to the labor estrés in professionals of the education. Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation / Rehabilitacion Interdisciplinaria [Internet]. 2023 Sep. 27 [cited 2024 Jul. 15];3:60. Available from:

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