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Vol. 3 (2023)

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Comité Editorial Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation / Rehabilitación Interdisciplinaria Ladisleny Leyva Samuel, Lisbet Lazaga Leyva, Myrna Fonte Villalón, Rosa María Montano-Silva, Yoneisy Abraham-Millán, Nila Ledesma Céspedes Lázaro Ernesto Horta-Martínez, Melissa Sorá-Rodriguez LeydaYenima Pérez Hernández, Milenis Martínez Pita, Jadier Wong Silva Guillermo Alejandro Herrera Horta, Guillermo Luis Herrera Miranda, Zurelys Gutiérrez García Guillermo Alejandro Herrera Horta, Zurelys Gutiérrez García Misael Ron, Ariel Pérez, Estela Hernández-Runque Aura Torres, Ariel Pérez-Galavís, Misael Ron, Nellys Mendoza Amalia Matos-Rodríguez, Sorelis Sargenton-Savon, Yunaisys Mosqueda-Lobaina, Eduardo Enrique Chibas-Muñoz Dario R. Carestia, Andres F. Beltran, Francisco Cerdera, Marta L. Sanchez, Francisco Ibáñez Sorelis Sargenton-Savon, Amalia Matos-Rodríguez, Yunaisys Mosqueda-Lobaina, Eduardo Enrique Chibas-Muñoz Alejandro Labrador Parra, Evelin Escalona, Omaira Gollo Camila Silva Misael Ron, Ariel Pérez, Estela Hernández-Runque Wendy Cardoza, Carmen Rodriguez, Ariel Pérez-Galavís, Misael Ron María de las Nieves Veloz Montano María de las Nieves Veloz Montano, María de la Caridad González Martínez, Leonardo Pérez Lemus Sabina Khan Nilda Elizabeth Chavez María Rosenda Fernanda Calcagno Yaquelin Arzola-Castillo Yaneth Marleny Mallqui Cáceres María de las Nieves Veloz Montano Rosa Catrambone, Andrea Ledwith Carlos Oscar Lepez, Anibal Espinosa Aguilar, Michel Oria Saavedra ,

Published: January 1, 2023


2023-01-20 Editorial
Author Guidelines

By Comité Editorial Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation / Rehabilitación Interdisciplinaria

2023-12-26 Original
Chronic immunoinflammatory periodontal disease in patients with bruxism

Introduction: the stomatognathic apparatus participates in vital functions and allows the development of the individual as a social entity; its incoordinations cause the rupture of its physiological harmony.
Objective: to determine the behavior of Chronic Immunoinflammatory Periodontal Disease in bruxopathic patients over 15 years of age from January 2022 to May 2023.
Method: descriptive epidemiological cross-sectional study to determine the behavior of Chronic Immunoinflammatory Periodontal Disease. The universe consisted of 103 patients over 15 years of age with this pathology and the sample consisted of 73 patients who also presented bruxism.
Results: the 55 to 64 years age group predominated with 23.3%, and the female sex with 68.5%; hypocolored gingiva prevailed, with hard-elastic consistency, with reinforced stippling, increased in size and migrated towards the apical. There was no bleeding in 39.7% and 28.8% presented grade II mobility. Fibroedematous gingivitis was the most predominant gingivitis with 75%. According to the Composite Indicator index, 41.4% presented moderate periodontitis according to severity and 58.5% presented localized periodontitis according to extension.
Conclusions: Bruxism does not initiate periodontal lesion, but it helps to aggravate the situation if there is a pre-established periodontal disease. There was a direct relationship between Chronic Immunoinflammatory Periodontal Disease and bruxism, taking into account that gingival morphology varies according to the time, frequency and intensity with which this habit is practiced.

By Ladisleny Leyva Samuel, Lisbet Lazaga Leyva, Myrna Fonte Villalón, Rosa María Montano-Silva, Yoneisy Abraham-Millán, Nila Ledesma Céspedes

2023-12-28 Original
Scientific production on fractures in student scientific journals in the five-year period 2017-2022

Introduction: The migration of printed science to the digital format has caused an increase in the number of journals, which causes an increase in interest in the study of their operation, not only as a task for editorial committees but also for scientists, librarians, and students.
Objective: to characterize the scientific production on fractures in Cuban student journals of health sciences in the five-year period 2017-2022.
Methods: A metric study was carried out on the scientific production about fractures in Cuban student scientific journals of health sciences during the five-year period 2017-2022. 13 journals of this type, included in the National Registry of Health Sciences Serials, were examined.
Results: A total of 10 articles divided into the types of original article, review article and case presentation were collected. The years of greatest scientific production were 2021 and 2022 with n=4 in each case; the journals Universidad Médica Pinareña and 16 de abril were the leaders in terms of manuscripts published with n=3 each. The longest average time for sending the manuscript and its subsequent acceptance was in 2019 with 14 months.
Conclusions: The scientific production on fractures in student journals is low, characterized by a predominance of original articles of a cross-sectional descriptive type, in Spanish with multiple authorship without international collaboration, frequently with male authors and affiliation with Universities of Medical Sciences and a mean acceptance time of 4.7 months.

By Lázaro Ernesto Horta-Martínez, Melissa Sorá-Rodriguez

2023-12-14 Original
A comprehensive approach to oral health from the epidemiology of acute herpetic gingivostomatitis in pediatric patients.

Introduction: Acute herpetic gingivostomatitis (AHGE) is the most common clinical manifestation of primary herpes simplex virus type 1, infection. It is a childhood disease, more frequent in infants and children under 6 years of age.
Methods: an observational, descriptive, cross-sectional study was carried out in pediatric patients between the ages of 0 and 18 who attended with signs and symptoms of acute herpetic gingivostomatitis in the period from January 2022 to January 2023 at the dental clinic “AntonioBriones Montoto”, Pinar del Río, Cuba. The universe consisted of 156 children and the sample, obtained by simple random sampling, by 65 children according to the established inclusion and exclusion criteria. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used. The results were presented in tables and graphs to facilitate analysis and discussion.
Results: there was a prevalence of acute herpetic gingivostomatitis in the ages of 2 and 6 years for 52.3%. The most frequently detected signs and symptoms were pain in 100%, difficulty in eating food in 87.7%. The main risk factors were: catarrhal states with 40.0% and febrile states 27.7%. The level of knowledge about oral health was classified as regular with 44.6%.
Conclusions: ignorance of the causes, treatment and evolution of GEHA is the consequence of poor health education, hence the need to establish educational programs with a view to reducing the incidence and prevalence of oral diseases.

By LeydaYenima Pérez Hernández, Milenis Martínez Pita, Jadier Wong Silva

2023-03-29 Original
Quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease receiving rehabilitation treatment

Introduction: physical rehabilitation in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease can prevent or slow down long-term problems that limit mobility and activity and thus contribute to the quality of life of patients who suffer from it.
Objective: to determine the quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease who receive rehabilitation treatment in the Pinar del Río municipality, in the year 2023.
Methods: an observational, descriptive and cross-sectional study, with a universe of 68 patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease from the Pinar del Río municipality and the sample of 27 patients who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Theoretical, empirical and statistical methods were used.
Results: the largest number of patients were between 70 and 79 years old 12 (44,4 %) and male 17 (62,9 %). Most of the patients have moderate dependence according to the Barthel Index (62,9 %). When applying the SF-36 Health Questionnaire for quality of life, the dimension of physical function obtained the highest and the dimension of general health the lowest. Patients who started rehabilitation treatment showed significantly more casualties than those who had been in treatment for some time, with statistically significant differences (p<0,001).
Conclusions: rehabilitation treatment in patients with Parkinson’s disease has a positive influence on their quality of life.

By Guillermo Alejandro Herrera Horta, Guillermo Luis Herrera Miranda, Zurelys Gutiérrez García

2023-03-20 Original
Results of physical rehabilitation treatment in children with delayed psychomotor development

Introduction: Early intervention with physical rehabilitation actions in children with retarded psychomotor development is, above all, a fundamental principle to neutralize the consequences of the disease on functional capacity and to maximize possible residues. Objective: To describe the results of the rehabilitation treatment in children with delayed psychomotor development, belonging to the Pedro Borrás Astorga Polyclinic, in the Pinar del Río municipality during the year 2022.
Method: An observational, descriptive, longitudinal and prospective study was carried out, with a universe of 31 children with delayed psychomotor development and a sample of 26 children who met the inclusion criteria. The percentage was produced as a summary measure and the chi-square test with a significance level of p<0.001.
Results: Female patients predominated (61.5%), with 3 to 6 months of age (23.2 %) and perinatal risk factors (57.7%). The most affected area of development was the gross motor (76.9%). After a month of treatment, there was a predominance of patients with a normal evaluation in all areas, except in the language area in 5 patients (38.4%). After three months of rehabilitation treatment, it was lost that the largest number of patients had a normal assessment in all areas of psychomotor development.
Conclusions: The rehabilitation treatment in children with delayed psychomotor development showed satisfactory results in all areas of affected development.

By Guillermo Alejandro Herrera Horta, Zurelys Gutiérrez García

2023-08-21 Original
Health risk level and prediction of musculoskeletal pain in teleworkers: A matrix approach

Objective: Evaluate the level of ergonomic risk and discomfort among musculoskeletal workers in teleworking conditions, and determine the potential risk to health of the development of musculoskeletal disorders.
Methods: A descriptive and cross-sectional study was carried out. In a sample of 212 workers (87.2% of the population). A questionnaire under the Google Forms application was used, in addition, video calls were made to evaluate the work station. Together, the ROSA method was used. Data analysis was performed with SPSS Version 26.
Results: (61.8%) of the participants were male with a mean age of 45.86 ± 9.0 years, with a job history of 10.72 ± 8.8 years and a computer use time of 7.33 ± 3.0 hours. (41.9%) of the workers had a high level of dysergonomic risk. Likewise, 42.9% of the personnel who teleworked did not present a high level of musculoskeletal pain. The health risk was (83%), with a range of moderate to high and very high level. There is a strong-positive correlation between health risk and CMDQ total scores, given by rho = 0.896, likewise a strong-positive correlation between health risk and ROSA scores, given by rho = 0.869. With 95% confidence and p <0.05.
Conclusions: It was evidenced that teleworkers carry out tasks under inadequate conditions and environment, not adapted to their anthropometry; In addition, they are exposed for a long time to biomechanical risk, generating musculoskeletal discomfort.

By Misael Ron, Ariel Pérez, Estela Hernández-Runque

2023-08-19 Original
Occupational Psychosocial Factors and Stress in the Medical Assistance Personnel

Objective: to determine the psychosocial labor factors and stress in the medical personnel of a Municipality located in the State of Aragua - Venezuela, during the years 2022 - 2023.
Methods: This field research, within the positivist paradigm, quantitative approach, observational design, descriptive level and cross-section, included the participation of 24 attending physicians who had introduced rest for mental health, during the months of January and June of the year 2022; therefore, the sample was census. The survey was used as a data collection technique and the Chilean version Suseso-Istas 21 was used as a questionnaire.
Results: the most unfavorable levels were obtained in the dimensions: (95,8 %) psychological demands, Compensation (75,0 %), Social support and leadership quality (70,8 %) and Double presence (66,6 %). According to the Karasek, Johnson and Hall model, it was established that the type of work they do is high voltage.
Conclusion: medical care personnel are exposed to psychosocial risk factors that may be causing chronic diseases. Therefore, it is recommended to apply strategies aimed at minimizing the psychosocial risk to which they are exposed.

By Aura Torres, Ariel Pérez-Galavís, Misael Ron, Nellys Mendoza

2023-06-30 Original
Characteristics of the Dementia Syndrome in Primary Health Care

Introduction: dementia is one of the most important organic brain disorders. It manifests itself chronically and progressively, with the presence of alterations in cognitive functions such as memory, thought, orientation, calculation, language and learning capacity without having to produce, in principle, a disorder in consciousness.
Objective: to characterize patients diagnosed with dementia syndrome in the Geriatrics Clinic of the "Asdrúbal López Vázquez" Polyclinic in Guantánamo during the period from June 2019 to July 2021.
Methods: an observational, descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out in the "Asdrúbal López Vázquez" Polyclinic in the municipality and province of Guantánamo. In the statistical analysis, the variables sex, age group, school level, toxic habits, family pathological history, personal pathological history, cognitive impairment group according to the Minimental Test Examination, the level of independence of the patients according to the Katz index and the index of Lautow, through the SPSS 23.0 statistical package, descriptive indicators were obtained, as well as totals and percentages.
Result: according to the results of the Folstein Mini Mental Test and Sex, we found a predominance of the female sex in the group with cognitive impairment with 21.7% (17), it can be seen that the school level is statistically significant (p= 0.001) to talk about dementia syndrome, low school level has 5.53 times more risk (RR=5.5).
Conclusions: the female sex, low school level, smoking and arterial hypertension are risk factors for cognitive impairment.

By Amalia Matos-Rodríguez, Sorelis Sargenton-Savon, Yunaisys Mosqueda-Lobaina, Eduardo Enrique Chibas-Muñoz

2023-06-30 Original
Physiological impact of breathing on health and stress level

Introduction: There are numerous publications comparing the results, of a group of people who practice a particular type of meditation for a certain period of time, called the evaluation group, with another group of people who do not meditate, commonly referred to as the control group, and statistics such as confidence intervals, "p" value, etc. are presented. On the impact of meditation on stress. While this work has had a great impact on a large number of people, there is still considerable disbelief, particularly in the academic and scientific world.
Methods: A prototype heart rate recorder was built using an Arduino UNO board and an AD8232 Heart Rate Monitor, which uses the ECG principle for its operation. An algorithm was implemented for the detection and calculation of RR time intervals, based on the analog signal coming from the AD8232 sensor.
Results: The frequency of the respiratory signal is higher than the frequency of the cardiac signal, in statistical terms, they are not correlated (correlation close to 0), while, on the right side, the frequencies of the two signals are similar (statistically, the correlation is close to 1), and in this case, it is said that the person acquires "cardiac coherence", or "coherent state". The 5-5 breathing pattern does not necessarily lead to this result. In addition to the breathing pattern used, the correlation between the respiratory and cardiac signal depends on other factors, related to the state of health and the level of stress.
Conclusions: From the understanding of the benefits achieved by adopting a particular breathing pattern, the reader is motivated to experience the transformative potential that this technique can have on his or her own organism. The aim is to encourage one's own experience of the effectiveness of these techniques and, in turn, to awaken interest in exploring deeper physiological changes that can be achieved through more advanced meditation practices, which can have a significant impact on health and stress management.

By Dario R. Carestia, Andres F. Beltran, Francisco Cerdera, Marta L. Sanchez, Francisco Ibáñez

2023-06-30 Original
Biopsychosocial factors influencing primary caregivers of patients diagnosed with dementia syndrome

Introduction: in the present century, dementia is one of the most disabling syndromes affecting the elderly population, which increases its frequency at an accelerated rate and has a high individual and social impact.
Objective: to identify biopsychosocial factors that influence primary caregivers of patients diagnosed with dementia syndrome.
Methods: descriptive longitudinal study in the Central Area of the municipality and province of Guantánamo, during the period from December 2019 to May 2022. The universe was constituted by the main caregivers of 43 elderly, the following variables were used: age, sex, schooling, marital status, occupation, personal pathological history before being a caregiver, personal pathological history after being a caregiver, type of caregiver, cognitive deterioration of the patient, time employed by the caregiver, level of overload, burn out syndrome - burned caregiver. Descriptive indicators were obtained through the SPSS 23.0 statistical package, as well as totals and percentages.
Results: the factors most associated with the overload of the main caregiver of patients with dementia syndrome were female sex (OR = 63.0 CI95 % 10.3-86.7 p = 0.000), the affective ties of spouse/child (OR = 61.8 CI95 % 7.0-67.1 p = 0.001) and the degree of cognitive impairment (OR = 45.0 CI95 % 4.8-93.6 p = 0.001).
Conclusions: female sex, spousal bonding and degree of cognitive impairment were identified as factors influencing the overload of primary caregivers of patients with dementia syndrome.

By Sorelis Sargenton-Savon, Amalia Matos-Rodríguez, Yunaisys Mosqueda-Lobaina, Eduardo Enrique Chibas-Muñoz

2023-07-20 Original
Comparative pilot study of anthropometric measurements in standing position between the grid template and the anthropometer Harpenden

Introduction: Anthropometric dimensions allow the world of work to adapt the means and the workplace to the workers' characteristics and improve their jobs. It is necessary to have alternatives to carry out anthropometric measurements, given the costs of measuring instruments and the limited availability of such instruments in occupational health and safety services.
Aim: To compare standing anthropometric measurements using anthropometric tables versus the Harpenden anthropometer.
Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out with a population of 26 workers (11 men and 15 women). The following measurements were taken in a standing position with the anthropometric tables and the Holtain Harpenden anthropometer: height, shoulder height, height at the middle finger, and length of the upper limb, using the Student's t-hypothesis test to compare both measurements.
Results: The values of the anthropometric variables measured by both the anthropometric tables and the Harpenden anthropometer did not present significant statistical differences, both in men and women.
Conclusions: The pilot test showed that using anthropometric tables in anthropometric studies constitutes a low-cost alternative.

By Alejandro Labrador Parra, Evelin Escalona, Omaira Gollo

2023-09-24 Original
Advancing Neurorehabilitation with Wearables and IoT

Neurorehabilitation is undergoing a transformative revolution with the integration of wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). This article explores the profound impact of wearables on neurological rehabilitation, emphasizing their ability to provide continuous monitoring, real-time feedback, and even enable telerehabilitation. Wearables, ranging from smartwatches to body sensors, offer healthcare professionals invaluable insights into patients' progress, enabling data-driven, personalized therapy plans. The IoT further enhances these capabilities by facilitating device interoperability and advanced data analysis, allowing for timely interventions and remote monitoring.

By Camila Silva

2023-07-18 Original
Prevalence of self-perceived musculoskeletal pain and its association with gender in teleworkers of the management team of a Venezuelan food manufacturing company

Objective: To determine the prevalence of self-perceived musculoskeletal pain and its association with gender in teleworkers of the management team of a Venezuelan food manufacturing company.
Methods: A quantitative, field, descriptive, and cross-sectional study was conducted in a population of 243 workers and a sample of 182 workers. The survey was used as a data collection technique, and the questionnaire was developed using Google Forms® as an instrument.
Results: The age range was between 20 and 73 years, with a mean of 45.8±9.1 years. Women (43.0%) had more than 10 years of seniority, a lower percentage than that observed among men (50.0%). Regarding self-perceived pain, (92.59%) of women reported more pain than men (81.68%); the probability of presenting neck pain in this group was (85.8%). In contrast to men (38.93%), 69.14% of the women self-perceived right shoulder pain; the probability of presenting right shoulder pain in the sample studied was 50%. Concerning upper back pain (48.15%) of the women and 33.59% of the men, the probability of presenting upper back pain was 39.2%. The mean total musculoskeletal pain or discomfort score was 59.13 for women and 39.94 for men.
Conclusion: There was a statistically significant association between self-perceived pain in certain areas of the body and female gender for exposure to disergonomic risk factors.

By Misael Ron, Ariel Pérez, Estela Hernández-Runque

2023-07-25 Original
Work psychosocial factors and stress in medical staff in the epidemiology area of a public institution

Psychosocial risk factors are conditions present in the work environment that are related to the organization of work, its social environment, work content and the performance of the task that can affect the health of workers. This research aims to determine the psychosocial factors at work and stress in the medical staff of a public institution. Research under the positivist, quantitative, observational, descriptive and cross-sectional paradigm. The population and census sample consisted of 15 medical profession workers. In the collection of information, three questionnaires from the Battery of instruments for the evaluation of psychosocial risk factors of the Ministry of Social Protection, Colombia (2010) were applied. The results show that women predominated (80.0%), where (46.7%) was single, with an average age and seniority of 32 years and 10 years respectively. As for psychosocial work factors, high and very high risk levels were found in 53.3%, with extra-work conditions being the most unfavorable, associated with the economic situation of the family group (80.0%), characteristics of the home and the environment (73.3%) and home-work-home displacement (73.3.%). On the other hand, 40.0% of the personnel studied perceived high and very high risk levels of stress. Concluding that the population is exposed to occupational psychosocial factors, with the appearance of revealing symptoms of stress. Therefore, the use of corrective measures that help minimize possible damage to health is recommended.

By Wendy Cardoza, Carmen Rodriguez, Ariel Pérez-Galavís, Misael Ron

2023-08-27 Original
A comprehensive approach to the impact of job stress on women in the teaching profession

Stress related to working conditions, or work-related stress, is the way in which the body reacts to different situations, causing a physical or psychological imbalance. This article contextualizes the work of our female teachers, identifies the causes, conflicts, physical and emotional symptoms brought about by inadequate interaction with the work environment. The research presented here is quantitative and qualitative, assuming as a basic condition to face this study, its dynamic, participative and transforming character. Due to its essence, the research will be descriptive, explanatory and participatory. We worked with an intentional sample of 50 female teachers working in seventh, eighth and ninth grades in four basic secondary schools located in the municipality of San Miguel del Padrón. A survey was applied to teachers to obtain information about our object of study. The emotional state of the female teachers analyzed and their job dissatisfaction are variables that affect their health, motivation, personal fulfillment and performance, thus also affecting the effectiveness of our educational institutions. The improvement of teachers, starting from considering the need to prevent work stress for an adequate professional performance in the context of performance, presupposes the design of various strategies that are conceived from the theoretical references of the historical-cultural approach, with a structure and operation that considers potential levels in correspondence with individual educational needs and adjusted to current conditions.

By María de las Nieves Veloz Montano

2023-08-27 Original
Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Impact of Job Stress on Teachers' Lives

Work stress is an increasingly frequent and growing phenomenon in today's society, where speed and impatience to constantly face new challenges and challenges in professional, family and social life prevail. In the world of work, responsibilities, constant transformations, making difficult decisions and the demands of technological development can be sources of stress for education professionals, which is why learning to identify work stressors, identifying the signs of stress, managing to prevent them and developing the right strategies for their management is becoming an increasingly important priority for both teachers and educational institutions due to the costs they entail. This article contextualizes the Cuban scenario where our teachers work, identifies the main causes of stress at work, the conflicts, the physical and emotional symptoms it brings with it and highlights the importance of self-care to maintain the quality of life of education workers and make the educational institution a healthy space. The research is based on the dialectical-materialistic approach, theoretical, empirical and mathematical statistical methods were used in the different stages of the study, and the bibliographic file technique was used for the critical study of the documents.

By María de las Nieves Veloz Montano, María de la Caridad González Martínez, Leonardo Pérez Lemus

2023-11-22 Review
Occupational therapy in trauma recovery for women and children in Gaza: A Holistic and interdisciplinary approach

Trauma recovery for women and children in Gaza is a multifaceted challenge requiring a holistic, culturally attuned, and collaborative approach. Occupational Therapy (OT) plays a pivotal role within interdisciplinary teams in addressing trauma and facilitating healing. This article emphasizes the significance of adhering to trauma-informed care principles and implementing culturally competent interventions tailored to the unique experiences of this population. Navigating through the intricate terrain of trauma recovery, advocating for the integration of interdisciplinary care to address the far-reaching effects of trauma is vital to facilitate healing for this population. Understanding the core principles of trauma-informed care, emphasizing safety, trust, choice, collaboration, and empowerment as essential foundations are essential for effective intervention. Occupational Therapy emerges as a key player in this endeavor, bringing a holistic perspective that complements the expertise of mental health professionals, educators, social workers, and community leaders. By focusing on meaningful daily occupations and considering the cultural nuances of Gaza, OT professionals work collaboratively to empower individuals to regain control over their lives and rebuild resilience. Furthermore, age-specific OT interventions for children and occupation-based interventions for women are intricately designed to address the developmental needs and cultural context of this unique population. These interventions emphasize empowerment, self-care, and adaptive strategies to navigate the challenges of trauma.

By Sabina Khan

2023-08-21 Review
Bed bathing in adult critical care patients

Introduction: Bed bathing is an essential intervention to provide well-being and comfort to critically ill patients, as well as to protect them from risks and threats. Prolonged hospitalization in critical care units can have negative consequences, and bed bathing has been presented as a complementary intervention to improve the care provided by nursing staff.
Methods: An integrative literature review was carried out in the Scopus and Scielo databases for the last 5 years, using descriptors such as "baths" and "critical care". A total of 60 articles were obtained, from which 22 relevant to the topic were selected.
Results: Bed bathing with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) has been shown to be effective in reducing bacterial colonization, healthcare-associated infections and the incidence of bloodstream infections in critically ill patients. Although positive results were observed with regular use of CHG bathing, more research is needed to define the optimal frequency and duration of treatment, as well as to evaluate possible adverse effects. The use of music to reduce pain in ventilated patients is identified.
Conclusion: Bed bathing is used more frequently in critical settings with CHG. Further research with larger samples and defined methods is needed to maximize its effectiveness and establish clear guidelines for its appropriate use.

By Nilda Elizabeth Chavez

2023-08-21 Review
Independent care performed by nursing professionals in the prevention of delirium

Introducción: El delirio es una condición que afecta la atención, conciencia y cognición, especialmente en personas mayores. Puede resultar de enfermedades subyacentes o medicamentos. Tiene un gran impacto económico y social, con necesidad de cuidados especiales, mayor riesgo de caídas, hospitalización prolongada e institucionalización.
Métodos: Se realizó una búsqueda bibliográfica en Scielo y Scopus con las palabras clave “delirio”, “prevención” y “enfermería” estableciendo criterios de inclusión y exclusión para seleccionar 10 artículos relevantes sobre los cuidados independientes que realizan los profesionales de enfermería en la prevención de la aparición de delirio en los últimos 5 años y de acceso abierto.
Resultados: Se resalta la importancia de la prevención y manejo del delirio mediante intervenciones de enfermería y el uso de herramientas específicas. Se destaca el potencial de la tecnología para la detección temprana e intervención preventiva. Los enfermeros desempeñan un papel esencial en la identificación y control temprano del delirio, implementando diversas intervenciones y herramientas de evaluación. Se recomienda la implementación de medidas y protocolos estandarizados para mejorar la calidad del cuidado, aunque se sugiere la necesidad de futuros estudios para mejorar la atención del delirio.
Conclusión: Se observó la Importancia de las intervenciones de enfermería en la prevención y manejo del delirio, resaltando su efectividad en la reducción de la incidencia y gravedad. Se destaca la utilidad de herramientas y tecnologías de fácil acceso para la detección temprana. Por otro lado, se enfatiza la necesidad de investigación continua para mejorar la atención y calidad de vida de los pacientes.

By María Rosenda Fernanda Calcagno

2023-09-23 Review
A look at speech therapy for learners with behavioral disorders

Introduction: Socially, it is frequent to find dissimilar behavioral disorders and language alterations that show the dimension of further deepening in the subject to be treated, due to its importance for pedagogical sciences and public health, in a joint effort between both sectors, in order to raise the quality of services from the speech therapy care and achieve an integral citizen in tune with the current demands of society.
Methods: Theoretical elements that support the existence of the problem approached from the pedagogical sciences and its possible ways of solution were determined. For this reason, the scientific problem is posed as: how to correct and compensate the alterations of language associated with behavioral disorders from the logopedic care; as objective: to correct and compensate the alterations of language associated with behavioral disorders from the logopedic care, paying great interest in the existing relationship between language and behavior, language is the most important means and instrument of socialization as a social being.
Results: Language is an essential tool in the human relationship and its complexity in terms of categorization, representation of concepts, and construction of meanings. Speech therapy should have a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to address behavioral and language disorders in learners.
Conclusion: Speech therapy is effective in correcting language disorders in learners with behavioral disorders, impacting their cognitive and emotional development, involving families and improving educational practice.

By Yaquelin Arzola-Castillo

2023-09-23 Review
Management of pain reduction in mechanically ventilated care subjects

Introduction: Pain is an unpleasant emotional experience linked to actual or potential injuries, concerns in intensive care units (ICU), affecting life and recovery of patients. It is essential to address this pain, classifying it with WHO criteria and guidelines. The approach is to explore types of pain and strategies for its management, seeking to improve quality of life during ICU hospitalization.
Methods: A PubMed search was performed with "Pain Management" AND "nursing" AND "Artificial Respiration", filtering for studies between 2018 and 2023. After review, 11 irrelevant articles were discarded, selecting 8 that met criteria.
Results: The outcome focuses on an independent approach to pain management in nursing, involving non-pharmacological measures and quality standards. This brings with it the responsibility to look for better alternatives to optimize nursing care in adequate pain management.
Conclusion: The data from these studies expose relevant information highlighting the importance of adequate independent pain management and sedation by nurses in critically ill ICU patients. The opportunity to implement more effective and patient-centered approaches to improve the well-being and recovery of critically ill patients is emphasized.

By Yaneth Marleny Mallqui Cáceres

2023-09-27 Review
The psychiatric dysfunctions associated to the labor estrés in professionals of the education

Stress caused by working conditions or environments continues to be a scourge that affects workers worldwide and can affect physical and mental health, even favoring the emergence of somatic, endocrine, and psychiatric diseases. In education, especially teachers who work directly with students with school maladjustments, learning disorders, and psychiatric disorders, which require greater effort in the teaching-learning process, the long working hours and constant demands to which teachers are exposed are permanent sources of stress at work. The paper describes the psychological problems caused by work stress in the educational sector and offers preventive measures to avoid it.

By María de las Nieves Veloz Montano

2023-07-17 Short communications
Interdisciplinary approach in support of academic trajectories: teacher and psycho-pedagogical training in action

Accompanying formative trajectories at the Higher Level implies two essential components: collaborating to overcome cognitive difficulties inherent to the change of educational level and promoting the construction of an academic biography through group interaction and individual adaptation in the training process. In addition, it is essential to provide students with a space for active listening that gives them meaning, empowerment, and emancipation and fosters communication and social bonding in the classroom, generating a subjectivizing experience for teachers and students. Accompaniment also implies specific constitutive elements of each career, such as a language that reflects communication and professional identity and the integration of epistemic views that support a type of knowledge necessary for teaching. These elements, developed throughout the academic trajectory of each student, become the fundamental basis for generating institutional approaches, innovative didactic proposals, and diverse psycho-pedagogical interventions. In this context, interdisciplinary postures, based on complex thinking, offer an integrated development perspective for each student, allowing unique experiences in collaborative work among peers and teaching intervention. This is fundamental for their training and future performance in accompanying the school trajectories of children and adolescents, working in a collective and interdisciplinary way in schools.

By Rosa Catrambone, Andrea Ledwith

2023-11-20 Short communications
Dysphagia a challenge for rehabilitation in Palliative Care patients: clinical and psychosocial perspectives

Comprehensive nursing care in situations of health vulnerability implies a complete analysis from clinical and psychosocial references. Dysphagia, difficulty in swallowing, is an important risk, caused by organic lesions or neuromuscular dysfunctions. Normal swallowing is divided into four phases, any of which can be affected and lead to dysphagia. Dysphagia is associated with diseases such as Parkinson's disease, esophageal cancer, and pulmonary disorders. Its prevalence is high in older patients, with 30% in those over 65 years of age and up to 86% in older adults hospitalized with pneumonia. Its early detection is crucial, as it can lead to comorbidities such as dehydration, malnutrition and aspiration pneumonia. Tolerance tests with foods of different textures and liquids of various viscosities are used to assess dysphagia. Results may indicate impaired chewing, oral storage of food, reduced laryngeal elevation, and more. In addition, instrumental tests such as videofluoroscopy and endoscopic examination are used to detect aspiration and other abnormalities. The goal of comprehensive diagnosis is to find solutions and early oral rehabilitation, adopt appropriate therapeutic measures, improve posture and ergonomics, strengthen the oropharyngeal musculature and prevent associated risks. Quality of life in people with chronic dysphagia is addressed in the context of advanced chronic diseases or palliative care.

By Carlos Oscar Lepez, Anibal Espinosa Aguilar, Michel Oria Saavedra

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